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The job of an airline pilot is based on a solid body of theoretical knowledge, but also largely on experience. 
At ATPLS, we have made the choice, from the start of your theoretical training, to give you the benefit of the experiences of your elders, to gradually enable you to acquire, thanks to lived examples, this state of mind, this global vision. of a situation, to allow you at best to make “THE” right decision, which you will often hear under the term of “situation awarness”.

Nos instructeurs de l’Ecole ATPLSCHOOL sont des commandants de bord qui dispensent la formation pilote de ligne et certificats ATPL théorique avion

Qualified instructors in activity

Notre formation pilote de ligne ave certificats ATPL théorique avion sont dispensées par des instructeurs en activité avec de nombreuses heures de vol

La licence ATPL théorique nécessite un suivi dans sa totalité des cours par visio-conférences et instructeurs en face à face

Tous les certificats atpl théorique avion sont inclus dans notre formation pilote de ligne

At ATPLS, all of our workers are flight crews, some of whom are still active, or recognized specialists.
Our Pilot Instructors currently have the qualifications on current machines:
( A310 – A320 – A330 – A340 – A350 – B737 – B777 – B787….)

Our instructor trainers will be able to illustrate to you real and current situations that they have had to deal with.

The "Compagnonnage" according to ATPLS!

Instructors to accompany you throughout your training course by passing on their experience of the airline pilot profession. You can contact them by email.