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Soon opening of our training platform dedicated to our ATPLSCHOOL School. This digital medium will allow you to view all the ATPL theoretical aircraft certificates.
You can, depending on your level and availability, choose one of our three subscription packages. “Autonomous”, “accompanied” or “reinforced” formulas. The validation of your choice can be done by a secure online payment with Payplug, a completely secure banking organization. Of course you will immediately receive confirmation of your purchase by email.

Plateforme d'inscription et suivi de cours de la formation pilote de ligne et des certificats ATPL théorique avion – Ecole ATPLSCHOOL

Notre Ecole ATPLSCHOOL vous offre tous les services en ligne pour votre inscription et le suivi de la formation pilote de ligne selon des calendriers de cours à distance

A Training Platform designed for you

You can access this Training Platform at any time through secure access with login and password. Depending on the formula chosen, you will have access to related information and courses and will be able to view certain documents online. A personal dashboard will allow you to follow your progress during the training.

This Training Platform will offer you a calendar of distance training by zoom videoconference. Zoom video access codes will also be accessible via this digital medium. Contact can be established with the instructors by email. Finally, a forum will allow exchanges between trainees and you can leave comments at any time.

A Training Platform developed to facilitate your learning and your exchanges within your promotion.

A forum will be made available to you to exchange your ideas on the progress of your training. Your “Trainee Cloud Space” is also directly accessible from this “Training Platform” for all your documents with information sharing.