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Welcome to the website of our ATPL theoretical airline pilot training school

- We support you with appropriate theoretical training
to your profile.

Our theoretical ATPL training is focused on the airline pilot profession and its responsibilities

After his theoretical ATPL training, the airline pilot is responsible for passenger safety

In the cockpit, the captain checks all the flight parameters

Our EASA approved professional flight school allows you to achieve your goals

Your goal is to be a captain on international lines after your theoretical ATPL training?

Our various instructors from the navigation, technical or meteorology pole will accompany you

The objective of our professional flight school is to obtain your ATPL theoretical airplane certificates

Rigor of learning ATPL theoretical face-to-face or distance courses by videoconference

Self-control, perseverance and rigor are the qualities required to be an ATPL airline pilot

The practice of aviation English is essential for theoretical ATPL theoretical aircraft training

The practice of aviation English is essential for theoretical ATPL theoretical aircraft training

The conditions of access to our EASA approved professional flight school are defined on the site

The age for taking theoretical ATPL aircraft training is 17 years old, ATPLSCHOOL advises you

Our professional flight school offers formulas allowing access to theoretical ATPL training

Choose your ATPL theoretical airline pilot training according to your objectives and course

The theoretical ATPL remote airline pilot training saves time and allows flexibility in the use of time

ATPLSCHOOL, Professional Flying School, takes care of your support by its trainers

ATPLSCHOOL, Professional Flying School, takes care of your support by its trainers

Our training 14 ATPL theoretical certificates are the subject of ongoing courses and discussions with our expert instructors

These ATPL Theoretical airplane training courses require a personal investment and rigor

You want to be an airline pilot and you do not know how to proceed, which school to choose?

Choose our professional flight school, 100 KSA training organization for theoretical ATPL airplane training

Our professional flying school is sponsored by Jean Loup Chrétien

Become an airline pilot by joining our EASA approved professional flight school

Contact our teaching assistants from our training school on theoretical and logistical training

Do you want to discover ATPL Theoretical airplane training programs to become a pilot?

In our school, the theoretical ATPL training lasts about 20 months, class attendance is necessary

The theoretical ATPL training is sanctioned by an evaluation and a certificate of recognition

The 14 theoretical ATPL certificates each require training through courses with our instructors

Why join ATPLSCHOOL? first for a new concept of theoretical ATPL training

In fact, we will first prepare the trainees through face-to-face face-to-face training.

In a second step, the training courses are given remotely by video-conference zoom

The strengths of our EASA approved school are to provide courses on air bases in France

Immersion in an aeronautical environment with the appropriate environment for better theoretical ATPL training

Our professional flight school is structured as an airline companion

Student trainees are placed in conditions similar to ATPL airline pilot environments

Flight preparation, analysis of safety conditions, our instructors cover all the theoretical ATPL aircraft topics

010-Law and air traffic - Know all the rules and laws that govern global air transport

010-Law and air traffic - Know all the rules and laws that govern global air transport

022-Aircraft instrumentation - The operation of the various systems acquired, the instruments to pilot them

031- aircraft loading Weight and balance- a weight distribution on board

032- technical performance of airplanes - explanations on the construction of airplanes

033- indoor preparation and flight monitoring - analysis of flight conditions, routes and weather

040- human factors to control - physiological limits of pilots

050- The meteorological conditions of the flight - The study of the air environment - wind - precipitation - clouds - ice - snow

061- Navigation and its principles - knowing how to get to your destination

062- Radio navigation in the cockpit - These means can be radioelectric, or more current, satellites

070- In-flight operational procedures - be aware of a number of regulatory obligations

081- The principles of aircraft flight - Study of the fundamental principles of aircraft behavior in the air.

090- Communications and vocabulary - Radio phraseology specific to VFR and IFR flight

100-KSA - the behavior of airline pilots in difficult situations

The personalized follow-up of trainee students allows a rapid and structured progression of theoretical ATPL knowledge

The objective is to bring the trainees in the best conditions to pass their ATPL theoretical airplane exam

What advice to give to future ATPL pilots

The profession of airline pilot is intellectually and physiologically demanding

Knowing how to question yourself by analyzing different critical situations is part of the training

Responsibility and decision-making is covered in the theoretical ATPL trainings

If you want to be an airline pilot you must be motivated by a passion for flight

At ATPLSCHOOL you will be immersed in theoretical ATPL training adapted to your progress

Specific training for maintaining skills is provided by our 100 KSA training organization

tailor-made support for instructors who follow the progress of the trainees

Instructors passionate about their pilot jobs and pass on their skills

A pedagogy based on the training of future generations of airline pil

a harmonious harmony between the experiences of former pilots and the desire to pass on knowledge

Technology is fully evolving, piloting under digital control with joystick

Pilots already trained and trained can follow specific skills maintenance training

Our professional flight school has training rooms equipped with the latest technologies

All sectors of aeronautics are covered during individual courses

for ATPLSCHOOL, EASA approved school, the goal is your success in becoming an airline pilot

We will send you all the books you need to obtain the 14 ATPL theoretical aircraft certificates

Trainees can contact their instructor-trainers by email at any time

Personalized monitoring of obtaining your theoretical ATPL aircraft certificates is available online

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information on the operation of our professional flight school

What are the necessary conditions to be able to follow the ATPL theoretical airplane training?

What are the necessary conditions to be able to follow the ATPL theoretical airplane training?

Possess the private pilot's license (PPLA) still in progress in order to prove your aeronautical commitment

Have a school curriculum adapted to the level of the courses given during the ATPL theoretical airplane training

Of course, be in good health and have a class 1 medical certificate

If you are unable to obtain one of your theoretical ATPL certificates, our instructors will accompany you with reinforced courses

A test of knowledge of the English language will allow your integration into our school to know your TOEIC level

You must show diligence to complete your ATPL certificates

To become an airline pilot, theoretical ATPL courses are the key to entry into training on flight simulators

by its new concept our school is able to follow your progress in your studies and to accompany you

Do you have any doubts about obtaining theoretical ATPL certificates and are you worried?

ATPLSCHOOL by its approach and the experience of its pilot instructors is there to help you

The period of the lessons being important, you will appreciate the presence of our instructors and their support, lesson after lesson.


Theoretical Airline Pilot Training

An innovative concept

• Objective: to provide targeted help on the points specific to each subject generally posing problems of comprehension. Training provided by specialists who are experts in their field.

• All teaching materials with instructors will take place by group videoconference.

Time saving

• Flexibility in the use of time and absence of family destabilization, and unnecessary costs incurred.

• Different courses follow-up formulas and sustained support.

Aircraft cockpit view throttle control theoretical ATPL training ATPL certificates airline pilot distance learning support


Instructors in charge of training


Years of aviation practice


Specific videoconferencing training


Subscription formulas

A training

  • With ATPLSCHOOL, benefit from quality training thanks to its professional instructors, all experts in their fields.
  • The theoretical base is essential, it is the foundation of your future professional construction.
  • According to the adage what is conceivable, is clearly stated, Visio courses are in French.
  • Transmission of lived experience by illustrating course points.
  • The important points of each subject are treated in Visio.
  • Possibility for trainees to attend the same subject several times in Visio.
  • An annual schedule defined to allow greater flexibility in registering for Visios.
  • A new approach to distance training supervised or supported by real professionals in the sector.
  • At any time, the trainee can ask a written question via email to the college of instructors of the Pole of his choice. The responses sent to it are always validated by the CTKI.
  • Provision of a bank of EASA-type questions for "real" training.
Distance learning course to follow ATPL theoretical aircraft training with the ATPLSCHOOL school

Sponsorship JL.Chrétien

Jean loup Chrétien French astronaut Atplschool sponsorship EASA approved school remote airline pilot training
A training school to make your dreams come tru.

from the experience of seniors

Jean-Loup Chrétien, the first French astronaut to have carried out an extra vehicular spacewalk in 1982 during the Franco-Soviet PVH mission aboard the Saliout 7 station. He did not hesitate to give us his support by accepting to officially become the sponsor of ATPLSCHOOL.

« ATPLSCHOOL est une école innovante dont j’ai grand plaisir à être le parrain. L’équipe d’instructeurs séniors possèdent la fibre essentielle pour vous transmettre tous les éléments clefs nécessaires pour mener à terme l’obtention de vos 13 certificats. Profiter de leurs très fortes expériences aéronautiques pour réaliser votre rêve ».

jean loup christian-pilot fighter plane sponsorship Airline pilot license Atplschool Flight school

An innovative concept

Compulsory face-to-face training near you. Development of complicated topics by videoconference.

Senior Instructors

With their immense experience, they will know how to guide you and captivate you to keep your flame as a future airline pilot alive.

Preparation for the 13 Certificates

ATPLSCHOOL makes every effort to allow you to present yourself to the 13 Certificates in the best conditions in view of your profile.

ecole atplschool formation ATPL theorique avion pilote de ligne

Visio support

Our strength is to maintain a close bond with you throughout your learning journey.

3 Subscription Forms

In order to offer you a training course closest to your profile, you have 3 learning options available to you.

Maintenance of skills

This sector is dedicated to pilots, dispatchers, controllers or others concerning their skills maintenance. Different courses are available: RVSM / RNAV / GNSS / CPDLC ...


Our instructors

Realize your dream of being a line pilot above the clouds with theoretical ATPL training

With our training and support modules you will obtain the 14 ATPL certificates

Training is provided by professionals with qualifications and experience in the fields: Navigation, Technical, Operation, Weather and Human Factors.

Navigation Pole

• Former Navigators in Command of Military Air Transport.

• They provide courses in NAV (061) and Radio-Nav (062), communication (090).

Technical Pole

• Former OMNs (Aircraft Mechanics Officers) of military and civil aviation.

• They provide courses in AGK (021), Instruments, (022) and Weight & balance (031).

Operation Pole

• Captain or OPL of military and civil aviation.

• They provide Ops Procedures (070) - Performances (032) - Meca flight (081) - flight planning (033) and communication (090) courses.

Weather Pole

• Météo France engineers.

• They provide weather lessons (050).

Human Factors Pole

• Medical experts, former airline pilots.

• They provide Human Factors courses (040).

Navigation Department


ATPL 061 - 062 certificates

Mail: eric.marsot@atplschool.com

Technical Department

Elias RAHAL .

ATPL certificates 021 - 022 - 031

Mail: elias.rahal@atplschool.com

Operation Department


ATPL certificates 021 - 031 - 032 - 081 - 090

Mail: loic.philippot@atplschool.com

Weather Department

Sylvie MORREA .

ATPL 050 certificates

Mail: sylvie.morrea@atplschool.com

Human Factors Department

Raphael CHELLE .

ATPL 040 certificates

Mail: raphael.chelle@atplschool.com


Navigation Department

Elias RAHAL .

Technical Department


Operation Department

Sylvie MORREA .

Weather Department

Raphael CHELLE .

Human Factors Department


Our three formulas

The ATPLSCHOOL concept comes in three training "Formulas"



With our training and support modules you will obtain the 14 ATPL certificates

Discover our 14 training modules to help you prepare for your European License.

100 KSA training organization - airliner cockpit piloting above clouds theoretical ATPL module

Would you be interested in our theoretical ATPL training?

Do you want to make your dream of becoming an airline pilot come true? register on our ATPLSCHOOL website

The training provided by our School will allow you to reach your objective in validating your 14 theoretical ATPL certificates

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