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A Cloud space is available to our Trainees as well as some Key Accounts. This completely secure space is only accessible after identification for the creation of a private account (login / password). Your submitted documents will be accessible at different levels: "Confidential", "Made available to Atplschool" or "Shared" to the community according to access codes. The only visual management of your Cloud space allows an ease of setting up documents for their live viewing and download.

Les cours de la formation pilote de ligne et certificats ATPL théorique avion sont tous déposés sur un cloud sécurisé accessible aux stagiaires

Les cours et documents relatifs à la formation pilote de ligne sont accessible par les stagiaires sur le Cloud de l’Ecole ATPLSCHOOL

The Strengths of the Cloud Trainee Space - ATPL theoretical aircraft

This support facilitates the transmission and exchange of documents or media between Atplschool and the Trainees. Atplschool instantly transmits collective information by depositing, on the trainee spaces created, specific documents in any format: Word - Pdf - Images - Videos - Audio. A modern and efficient way to exchange information.

The private space is able to open and read the submitted documents live. The sharing by management and assignment of multiple rights of documents also allows an exchange of documents and information between trainees. Finally, URL links assigned to files or documents allow rapid external access by Google to documents or media deposited in the Cloud.

Share our information and documents through an efficient and rapid means of communication

This digital support will allow you to monitor your documents and those of ATPLSCHOOL during the months of your training. Your access will be maintained throughout this period.