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14 ATPL certificates theoretical airline pilot atplschool remote airline pilot training
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Avec notre formation Pilote de Ligne, nous vous accompagnons à réaliser votre projet

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High quality instructors

Testimonial Airbus A330 theoretical ATPL training aircraft EASA approved school professional piloting atplschool

As a civil aviation captain, and a former military air transport captain, I have flown with many instructors from this school.
I was able to appreciate during these flights their great professionalism and their human qualities. I particularly recommend them and am convinced that with such instructors, success is guaranteed!


Well done and good luck to the whole team!

corsaire a330 formation pilote de ligne atpl théorique avion à distance Visio conférence

Well done to the creators and animators of this new company! To know several of them and to have worked with some of them, I can attest to their seriousness, their competence and their thoroughness.

CORSAIR A 330 CBD, 35 years of professional aeronautics

A solid foundation on which to build a career

Boeing 777 atplschool theoretical atpl training remote airplane airline pilot instructor in activity

After many years in military and civilian aviation I am convinced that a solid theoretical background is the first foundation for a successful pilot career. Drawing on the solid experience of senior instructors, ATPL SCHOOL offers you structured, comprehensive and ongoing training.


Superb communication tool

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Congratulations to the designers of this site. Helping those who want to go pro is a great idea. I would love to benefit so much back then ...


A dream come true

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If the aeronautical career begins with a dream, it remains a long journey that is not always easy.
Ce que l’on apprend pour la première fois doit être de grande qualité car cela restera la fondation de la connaissance du métier.
Au vu de la qualité des Instructeurs d’ATPLSCHOOL, vous êtes en de bonnes mains pour une longue et belle carrière !

Jerome LAVAL

Entering Aviation Method 3.0

dc10 formation pilote de ligne atpl théorique avion instructeurs qualifies cours en présentiel ou à distance

Yes, it is possible with current technologies to become a pilot with means beyond comparison with those of yesteryear. The composition of this team inspires me confidence because I know some of them from having worked with them. Serious, competent, with great human qualities. Not to mention the experience acquired over many years.

Mistral Alain

Bravo Daniel Guido !

J’ai eu le privilège de travailler en collaboration avec Daniel Guido pendant plus de 10 ans au sein de FlightSafety International / Falcon Training Center, sur l’aéroport du Bourget.
C’est un pilote et un instructeur hors-pair qui, par sa sympathie et son professionnalisme, a toujours su partager son enthousiasme et sa passion aéronautique.
Bravo et merci Daniel ! Bon vent à toi !

PINTO Céline

Origin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwRl5GwUYN4