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At ATPLS our goal is to provide you with high added value educational support provided by our instructors, all professionals and experts in their field.

Notre Ecole ATPLSCHOOL de pilotage professionnel dispense une formation pilote de ligne avec certificats ATPL théorique pour l'obtention de la licence aéronautique DG

L’ensemble des 14 certificats ATPL Théorique avion est abordé dans notre formation pilote de ligne lors de visio-conférence à distance

Aircraft theoretical ATPL certificates - Atplschool

We have chosen to concentrate on the particular points which generally pose problems for student pilots.
This is why some subjects that do not require specific explanations are not the subject of videoconference courses, such as the 010 Air Law & 090 Communications certificate.

Our trainers will highlight their experiences and help you visualize the “Big Picture” and the reasoning mode to acquire so that you will naturally master it at the end of your training.

All of these concepts are subject to an examination by the DGAC to obtain the theoretical ATPL aircraft license.

All of our courses concern ATPL aircraft certificates:

  • 010 Air law and air traffic (excluding video)
  • 021 Knowledge of aircraft
  • 022 Instrumentation
  • 031 Masses and balance
  • 032 Performance
  • 033 Flight preparation and monitoring
  • 040 Human performance
  • 050 Meteorology
  • 061 Navigation
  • 062 Radionavigation
  • 070 Operational procedures
  • 081 Principles of Flight
  • 090 Communication (excluding video)
  • 100 KSA