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Our training school

Professional flight school - atplschool logo - theoretical ATPL training for future airline pilots obtaining certificates

Our school

ATPLSCHOOL is an innovative school on several aspects. We have modeled this school so that we can teach directly at your home or at the nearest one. And therefore allow you to concentrate on your studies.


The birth of ATPLSCHOOL is the result of several years of experience in high level training. All the knowledge acquired during more than 37 years in the field of aeronautics, management and support of future student pilots is made available to ATPLSCHOOL therefore at your service.

Founder & CEO
Signature of Daniel GUIDO founder of ATPL theoretical training school professional piloting Atplschool

Are you looking for a Theoretical ATPL training school? The new concept of Atplschool will meet your expectations

Through the support of our instructors, we assure you a perfect approach to the 14 ATPL certificates

All our course materials are in English, but the ATPL theoretical aircraft training courses are in French

Our school, a 100 KSA training organization, was created to meet your expectations and brings together experienced airline pilots

Our instructors have all the theoretical technical knowledge to pass on their knowledge to you.

Our trainers are already airline pilots and practice their profession, what better than expert instructors

Our professional flight school puts its 37 years of experience in aeronautics at your service

Do you want to progress quickly and especially to be accompanied by professionals?

Do you want to progress quickly and especially to be accompanied by professionals?

Our instructors come from the military and civilian sector with many flying hours

Jean Loup Chrétien, French astronaut and sponsor of our EASA approved ATPLSCHOOL School

Great honor for our ATPL theoretical training school to have an astronaut by our side

We provide our theoretical ATPL training as close as possible to trainees within a flight school located in France

Saving time also by providing part of our theoretical ATPL training by videoconferences

Our trainers have all worked in airplane cockpits, they know their job well and will be rich in teaching

Do you think that your learning will be difficult given the volume of knowledge to be had?

Our staff knows the difficulties of obtaining ATPL theoretical aircraft certificates, they will accompany you to the essentials

Their experience will allow you to take confidence in your studies

Theoretical ATPL training allows you to become an airline pilot and be recognized by the profession

A very wide schedule will give you the flexibility to choose your training courses according to your schedule

The first theoretical ATPL courses are face-to-face in the various flight schools in partnership with our school

The following courses will be given by zoom videoconference from your home

Based on our experience, we offer three learning options within our EASA approved School

You can choose the formula that best suits your profile, your finances and your schedule.

Our training materials are developed with the support of the FFA and our flying club partners

Theoretical ATPL zoom video-conference courses are taught in French to facilitate discussion and understanding

The goal of our trainings is to give you all the explanations to apprehend in a serene way the courses

At any time, you can contact the pedagogical manager to discuss your difficulties

You understand, our main motivation remains your success with sustained support

We have organized our training in four areas, operation, navigation, weather and human factors

The CTKI will send you the validated answers at the end of your theoretical ATPL training assessment

The CTKI will send you the validated answers at the end of your theoretical ATPL training assessment

You will take aptitude tests in English during an interview with one of our instructors

Mathematics tests will be oriented towards mental arithmetic and simple processes

The e-learning associated with a tutor accompanies you throughout the training

The theoretical ATPL airplane training requires a great capacity for work, organization and rigor

ATPL courses are accessible to all and internationally recognized, a personal investment is necessary

Our professional flight school, a 100 KSA training organization, is at your disposal to vote for success

For active pilots, we also provide airline pilot retraining training.

Our school is declared a 100 KSA training body to provide ATOs with remote theoretical ATPL courses

Are you hesitating about getting started with the acquisition of theoretical ATPL aircraft certificates?

Contact us with our online form

Full-thrust plane learning the aeronautical behavior of aircraft under difficult weather conditions Theoretical ATPL
Daniel Guido founder of the ATPL theoretical training school for professional piloting certificates

Daniel GUIDO .

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  • contact@atplschool.com

To know where you are going you have to know where you are coming from .... For my part, I come from the Air Force. I had the chance to start pilot training on CAP10 and then obtain the navigator's license. In the Air Force, being a Navigator means knowing how to navigate by sight, with the stars and of course with instruments while reaching the holy grail, that is to say the function of captain. I was able to live my passion in a cockpit for 10 years on tactical aircraft (C160NG) and 7 years on long haul (DC8). Then I embarked on a civilian career as a pilot instructor. I worked for the world leader in aviation training FLIGHTSAFETY INTERNATIONAL for 16 years. This period was very rewarding, totaling more than 12,000 hours of instruction with more than 10,000 trained pilots, of all nationalities. Today I am happy to introduce ATPLSCHOOL to you. This School is above all the birth of a human-sized project, the objective of which is to support our future students at all levels. You will realize how much ATPLSCHOOL innovates but above all we have the immense privilege of being sponsored by the 1st French Astronaut Mr Jean-Louis CHRETIEN.



ATPLSCHOOL innovates to the point of scheduling the places of face-to-face events according to the geographical location of the students. In order to be as close as possible to future young airline pilots, the face-to-face courses will take place within the selected ATO Aeroclub. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we will be able to welcome during the training all those who would like to attend and experience the atmosphere of an ATPL course.

Youtube origin: NATS - https://youtu.be/d88VZdRn3i0


school of

The bases that welcome us for the ATPL theoretical aircraft training on site

Eauze – Marseille – Lyon – Strasbourg – Lille – Nantes – Paris – Clermont Ferrand – Ajaccio – Pointe à Pitre


Crew spirit
"1 for all and all for 1"

Our instructors who provide theoretical ATPL training are professional pilots in activity

The entire ATPLASCHOOL team is united by the sacrosanct links that a crew constitutes. We all work, evolve in a cockpit. This strong cohesion that drives us we want you once again to benefit from it. The aim of the school is to support you during your theoretical learning precisely in a professional environment with benchmarks from today's and tomorrow's aviation.


Daniel GUIDO .

Mail: ceo@atplschool.com

Operations Manager

Michel MALNIS .

Mail: operations@atplschool.com

Head teacher

Hugues RICCA

Mail: pedagogique@atplschool.com

Responsible Instructors

Patrice MARINARO .


Student Manager

Carole TOUIL

Mail: stagiaires@atplschool.com

Michel MALNIS .

Directeur des Opérations

Hugues RICCA

Head teacher

Patrice MARINARO .

Responsible Instructors

Carole TOUIL

Manager Customer

  • Our solution allows you to pass the ATPL theoretical license while staying at your home, without changing your lifestyle (loss of job, moving), while benefiting from the explanations and support of our expert instructors in their field.
  • All with the maximum flexibility of a published annual course schedule.
  • We believe it is essential to offer the most suitable solution for everyone depending on their course.
  • The "Autonomous" formula is primarily intended for trainees who have the resources in their entourage to find the answers to their questions on their own.
  • The "Accompanied" formula is intended for trainees, already possessing a certain scientific background, by detailing the particular points of each subject.
  • The "Reinforced" formula allows more intense monitoring and offers maximum comfort to the student pilot in terms of progression and support.
  • ATPLSCHOOL has developed with the support of the FFA (Fédération Française Aéronautique) partnerships with Flying clubs to allow you to improve your flights at preferential rates.
  • The job of an Airline Pilot relies a lot on personal experience.
  • The transmission of knowledge and knowledge.
  • Our instructors, who are all involved in air transport, will share their experiences with you with a flourishing spirit of "Companionship".
  • English is the international aviation language.
  • ATPLSCHOOL chose its course materials in English, as well as the question bank in English.
  • The 65 hours of face-to-face lessons will also be held in English.
  • This will allow you to personally assess your level of English for the acquisition of FCL055.
  • Understanding and acquiring certain concepts is essential for ATPLSCHOOL.
  • The points covered during your theoretical ATPL training should form the basis of your knowledge for the exercise of your future profession as a Pilot.
  • Their assimilation must be perfect.
  • For the sake of optimization and efficiency, the Visio courses given by our Experts are in French so as not to add unnecessary additional difficulty.

Our subscription

Why choose ATPLSCHOOL, above all for its commitment to support you with professional theoretical ATPL instructors

Benefit from theoretical ATPL courses according to a very flexible schedule and remotely with zoom videoconferences

In our 3 subscription offers, trainees benefit, in application of the DGAC / EASA regulations, from the following provisions:
Face-to-face internship : 65 hours of lessons in English at an ATO Flying Club which is chosen according to the geographical proximity of the greatest number of trainees, or within the School in Eauze (near Mont de Marsan).
Our instructors travel to meet the students during these internships.
Purpose of this internship : give the explanations necessary to understand each subject calmly, as well as the interactions between the different subjects. All the essential points are developed during this course.
Support following the internship. Each trainee, regardless of the formula chosen, has the opportunity to ask as many questions as they wish via email in French or English, to the college of instructors in each subject. (Operation, Navigation, Technical, Weather and human factor)
The CTKI sends the validated response as soon as possible to the applicant and also places the question with its response in the FAQ file to which all trainees have access.

"Autonomous" formula
65 hours face-to-face.
Accompanied" formula
65 hours face-to-face + 42 hours in videoconference.
"Reinforced" formula
65 hours face-to-face + 84 hours in videoconference.


  • Course programming on demand directly by the students
  • Possibility of following the same subject several times


  • Highly experienced air instructor
  • Expert instructor in their subject


  • Difficult points covered in video
  • Question by email directly to our instructors


  • Cost studied according to your profile
  • Face-to-face carried out as close as possible to your home
Professional flight school - atplschool logo - theoretical ATPL training for future airline pilots obtaining certificates

Youtube Origin - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad4xf2CwaV0


2900 €

This formula is aimed more particularly at people who already have solid aeronautical experience.


4700 €

This formula is aimed more particularly at student pilots with a good scientific level 


6500 €

This formula is aimed specifically at trainees, young PPL pilots, fresh out of school.



  • Hold a private pilot license (PPL).
  • Hold a class 1 medical examination.
  • Admission to ATPLSCHOOL, regardless of the formula chosen, is subject to entrance tests which represent a guarantee of success in obtaining your diploma.
  • Mathematics tests: These are basic mental calculations, notions of trigonometry and logic.
  • An English test also because the course materials are in English
    (This will also help you gauge your level for the 055 English language certificate).
    It will take the form of an interview with an instructor on common topics.
Airline pilot job conversion - airliner cockpit piloting above clouds distance course competent instructors


Youtube origin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPp3FVUtdTo


Join our ATPL training school.

Make your dream come true by giving us your trust, our expert airline pilot instructors are committed to quality ATPL theoretical courses